Equipment Warranty

Although your need for temporary spot cooling equipment may be short-term, you will enjoy the fact that each unit we sell comes with a warranty. Most units come with a 1 or 3 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the unit.

  • Voltage variation no greater than 10% from ID plate rating.
  • Frequency variation no greater than 3 Hz from ID plate rating.
  • Ambient temperature must not exceed 120 F.
  • Maximum cooling capacity not to exceed (BTU/HR) rating, including any heat sink, as indicated on the ID plate.
  • Compliance to all other installation, maintenance and operating instructions, as supplied.

1st Cooling assumes no liability beyond the repair or replacement of its own product, returned transportation prepaid.This warranty does not cover:

  • Labor or reimbursement for labor for removal or installation of any warranted part
  • Use of equipment for other than its designed purpose or operating conditions
  • Operation in harsh, oily, corrosive or other abnormal environmental conditions, without the proper filtration, sealing, protective coatings and/or weather protection
  • Damage to hermetic system resulting from continuous operation with dirty/clogged air filters
  • Use of refrigerant other than designated
  • Customer modification or abuse
  • Shipping damage or other accident
  • Any and all conditions resulting from non-compliance with the preceding operating conditions