Dallas Fort Worth we have fans and dehumidifiers!

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Fans and dehumidifiers you need to dry up the flooded areas of your office, hospital, school, or home are available for rent now. Call us at 817-491-0555 and let us guide you through the process. The quicker you take action the better off you will be. Rent our equipment and save tons on renting equipment from other companies. Stay dry! Tips: Be careful if the water is ‘dirty’ water (coming from the bathroom or sewer). This is very dangerous and do not track this water through your home or office. Call a remediation company for dirty water cleanup. They will rent fans and dehumidifiers also.

If carpet is wet from ‘clean water’ flooding pull it back to expose the moisture. Get a few fans blowing and call us for a dehumidifier. You can take simple actions to save money. Call now.

Louisiana residents and businesses, give us a call to rent fans and dehumidifiers, we have over 100 fans in stock. Just a few dehumidifiers remaining.