2 Tons – Rent and Cool Using a Portable Air Conditioner

Call 1st Cooling to rent a spot cooler. Buy a spot cooler 2 Tons (24,000BTU/hr) or more. We have a selection of 2 Ton spot coolers and portable air conditioners. Most portable ac units 2 tons and over require 220Vac. There are a few manufacturers that make a 115Vac 2 Ton spot cooler.

For a description of BTUs and how cooling works, click Portable Air Conditioner Basics.

Most customers use spot coolers whenever they have a short-term need to cool a space while their primary air conditioner is being repaired or when they need to cool an area that is too hot. Rent and cool your space using one of our portable air conditioner rentals. That’s where 1st Cooling comes in! 1st Cooling provides effective climate control all over the US through our locations and network of companies.

Portable air conditioners also dehumidify the air therefore are dehumidifiers. Rent a dehumidifier from us! The moisture removed from air molecules by the evaporation process is called condensate. The condensate is usually collected into a reservoir inside the spot cooler. When the reservoir is full, it is pumped out through a little tube to a sink drain.

From commercial office spaces to industrial warehouses, hospitals and health care facilities, and server rooms, 1st Cooling will assist you in deciding which model best fits your application.

A similar product to a portable air conditioner is called a portable heat pump. Basically the cooling cycle is reversed and the unit provides heat.

Rent a Portable air conditioner to provide emergency cooling, spot cooling, or supplemental cooling where and when you need it. Our air-cooled units provide cold air that blows typically 25-30 feet from the front of where the unit is sitting. Since it is an air conditioner, hot air from the condenser coil must be exhausted somewhere out of the cooled space. The hot condenser air is exhausted through round flexible tubing (duct). Typically we exhaust the hot air through the ceiling plenum (the space above the suspended or drop ceiling tiles) through a piece of flexible duct similar to the silver duct that comes out of your clothes dryer (except much larger in diameter). The units can also be used outdoors for spot cooling your party or special event.


The Model 1SKK-2421 air-cooled portable air conditioner is perfect for cooling spaces around 800 square feet with a 10-foot ceiling. The 23,500 BTU/hr spot cooler requires a 220 Vac receptacle. This portable air conditioner is perfect for “tight” rooms such as a computer room or telephone equipment room where you need to pull outside air to cool the condenser.
Other uses for this spot cooler are:
* Cooling a laboratory
* Cooling factory workers
* Cooling hospital intensive care rooms
* Cooling students and teachers in classrooms
* Cooling retail store customers and employees


The Model 1SKK-3021 air-cooled portable air conditioner is a ‘true’ air conditioner just like our 1SKK2421 model. This portable air conditioner is perfect for cooling spaces from 1,000-1,200 square feet. This portable air conditioner operates on a 20 Amp receptacle. This portable ac unit pulls close to Amps of power. The 2.5 Ton spot cooler can also be used in these environments:
* Cooling indoor telephone stores
* Cooling employees in office spaces
* Keeping products cool and dehumidified in warehouses
* Cooling servers in data centers
Portable air conditioners dehumidify the air by removing moisture from the space.
Buy a portable air conditioner as a back-up cooling system in case your ac system goes down or if you have hot spaces in your building.
Call 1st Cooling at 972-447-0555 for a quote to buy a portable air conditioner or spot cooler.