• We have access to a large stock of rental equipment specially designed to make temporary hook-ups quickly. Flexible ducts and hose, along with pumps, ready-made power cords, and even generators are available so we can furnish a complete cooling package to cool tent events.
  • Once on the job, it is possible to have the units installed and cooling often within minutes. Building owners rent air conditioning equipment for both planned shut-downs and emergency cooling when existing equipment fails.
  • 1st Cooling has cooling equipment available ranging from 5 to 1,000 tons in single packages, packaged units from 5 to 75 tons and portable roll around units from 1 to 10 tons. Using multiple units, we can provide cooling up to 2,000 tons.

Trailer Mounted Portable Air Conditioner

5 to 135 Ton (25 Ton shown)

Applications For Trailer Mounted Coolers and Chillers

  • Construction

    Large office buildings can be cooled while repairs are being made to existing chillers.

  • Special Events

    Tents used for special events such as trade shows or meetings can be cooled and/or heated.